Empyrean Consulting, Inc.

EMPYREAN CONSULTING, INC. is a full service technical placement agency serving the National and International markets representing qualified candidates without regard to race, creed, age, sex, national origin or physical handicap.

Services We Provide

Empyrean Consulting will be your first interview. We will, at this point, inform you about our clients and the opportunities we have. Also, we will, thoroughly, go over the skills and experience of each candidate, as well as each candidates expectations and goals, so that we can place each candidate in the best possible job, that will be a perfect fit for both candidate and client.The typical salary increase the candidate can expect, in this market, is highly variable. Bonuses are variable, on top of the salary, as well as benefits. The total package is very important to focus on when reviewing any offer.

Client Interviews are set up by your recruiter. Our clients have very little time to schedule for interviews, so the candidate is expected to be available, during business hours, to interview. Anytime that an interview is set up for a candidate, a  preparation sheet will be provided to the candidate. This will give the day and  time of the interview, as well as the name of the person they will be meeting  with. Also, a summary description of the company and benefits along with  directions will be listed.

After any interview, the candidate is expected to contact their recruiter, within 24 hours, with feedback from the interview.  Empyrean is here to help mold your career for a strong and successful future.


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