WW IT Systems Specialist 3- Lawson M3


WW IT Systems Specialist 3- Lawson M3

Overall Function: The principal purpose of this position is to understand the business needs and reports necessary to grow the Client’s business, and to provide technical support for assigned core technologies. This position oversees the use of ERP (Infor M3) toolset and technologies. The WW IT Systems Specialist 3 is responsible for providing technical leadership and architectural direction to the IT team related to ERP on the Infor M3 system.

Major Responsibilities:
• Work as an expert in 2nd tier Help Desk situations as ERP (Infor M3) and related issues are assigned by the local I.T. Support group for technical software and data issues from end users.
• Coordinate and apply system patches, fixes, and modifications provided by INFOR or other 3rd party developers. – base technical knowledge of the ERP (Infor M3) system using Infor M3 MAK, LCM, MEC, and MOM (Streamserve) tool sets and Java programming skills to develop internal fixes and modifications to the base INFOR M3 system.
• Use working knowledge of the ERP (Infor M3) database for research, verification, and standards with knowledge of SQL to query and update relational databases of systems as needed.
• Ability to use data reporting skills on the Oracle IR data warehouse reporting system with ERP data with other Systems Specialists and users.
• Ensure ERP (Infor M3) system security is in place.
• Use base project management skills for assigned or involvement in corporate projects.
• Identify causes of problems in all aspects of the ERP (Infor M3) system.
• Conduct internal research on ERP (Infor M3) system.
• Support other IT support, systems and projects personnel when appropriate and resolve support situations independently.
• Verify and test successful solution based on user’s requirements.
• Have ERP system knowledge for the following areas:
o ERP system (Infor M3) areas to include
i. Manufacturing systems
ii. Financial Systems
iii. Accounting Systems
iv. Customer Service / Logistics Systems
v. Purchasing / Receiving Systems
vi. System setup,

Qualifications & Experience:
• BA degree with 6-10 years information technology experience, 2 years experience with ERP (Infor M3), and at least 2 years project management experience. IBM ISeries experience is a preferred.
• Previous background and experiences with data warehousing and data reporting tools. Preference to candidates with Infor M3 and Oracle IR data warehouse reporting tools.
• Java programming and SQL skills applied to ERP systems
• Strong Problem Solving skills
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
• Excellent customer service, interpersonal, and phone skills.
• Minimum English Proficiency of Advanced Low as defined in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

comprehensive benefit package including, but not limited to, Holiday, Vacation, and Sick pay, Medical & Dental insurance (including HSA option), 401K, Regional Bonus Plan, Flexible Spending account, Fitness Plan, EAP, Education Assistance, International Assignment opportunities, Training, and Transit benefits. Employees should also expect continuous learning and career growth opportunities, open and direct communication.

Melanie Kirk
Empyrean Consulting, Inc.


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