BI Developer Texas


BI Developer

Responsible for Development of Business Objects Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence applications. You will provide day to day support of the Data Warehouse environment and as needed to the Business Universe.

Coordinates all phases of analysis and development for the enhancement or new feature, including establishing timelines and project schedule. Provides periodic report of project status to Data Warehouse manager.

Analyzes problems encountered during design and development and work with management to develop solutions. Design and/or review module and integration test plans for the enhancement of the new feature.

Write major parts of complex applications enhancements of new features.

Collaborate with other developers in recommending change in Universe.

Research new technology and trends and attends training classes or seminars as necessary.

Research documentation and Industry publications to remain current with industry.

More detail:

Daily duties

Security for SAP 4.0 environment
Adding users to existing groups
Managing password resets, terming old users
Creating new Folders for new departments brought on
Report folder management

Migration of WebIntelligence Reports from R3 environment to 4.0 environment
o Crystal Reports
o WebIntelligence
Modification/Creation of SQL stored procedures to solve business problems as well as provide more meaning data for DW.
o Creation of derived metrics.
o Modification/Creation of extracts for vendor feeds (Truven and others)
Ability to create and maintain a universe using SAP 4.0 IDT – UDT only would not be enough since there are a lot of changes between UDT and IDT

  • Create/Maintenance of Universe using SAP 4.0 IDT

o Adding dimensions and measures
o Changes to the universes
o Creation of universes
Working knowledge of Explorer
o Creation of Information Spaces
MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 ( 2008 or better should be fine) we are mostly on 2012
SAP 4.0 IDT – good working knowledge
o Creating Data Foundation Layer
o Creating Business Foundation Layer
o Setting up Secured connections
o Working with the Repository
o Understanding of Promotion Jobs within CMS
SAP Security administration/management
o Understanding ‘Groups’
o Understanding Inheritance within the SAP folder structure
o General Familiarity with SAP 4.0 and R3 CMS
Some working knowledge of interaction with the SAP Marketplace
o Acquiring License Keys
Downloading and Installing upgrades – we want to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1

Melanie Kirk
Empyrean Consulting, Inc.

No agencies! No subs! No telecommuting!

It is ok to live in Waco, Killeen, Austin, Houston, Dallas or College Station or surrounding areas in Texas.

Job Type: Full-time



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