Empyrean Consulting, Inc. provides

Quality Candidates to meet your requirements – All of our candidates go through a thorough interview process before you meet them. Our extensive screening procedure includes a face-to-face interview-unless it is a national or international search, detailed application, and comprehensive skills assessment.

Specialists dedicated in searching for your specific needs.

Extensive Reference Checking – We perform an extensive business and personal reference check for each candidate considered. The reference check includes in-depth questions regarding technical skills, personality, work habits, best qualities, and areas for improvement.

Placement Guarantee – With our forty-five day guarantee, you have the assurance that you hired the right person for the job. If, for any reason, our candidate leaves within the first ninety days of employment, we will replace the candidate at no additional charge. If a replacement is not found within the next thirty days, the fee will be refunded in full.

Continued Follow-Up – The service doesn’t end when your employee starts the job. We provide continued follow-up to ensure that you are satisfied, as well as making sure that your new employee is happy.

Personalized Service – Empyrean strives for your total satisfaction. Our goal is to be valued member of your recruiting team. Leave the search to us. We want to build a long lasting partnership with you, and provide you with personal customized service for years to come.






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